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Why Foster?

Over 70,000 children live with almost 56,000 foster families across the UK.  This is nearly  three quarter of the 97,000 children in care away from home on any one day in the UK – Fostering Network (2021)

Why Foster?

While local authorities and charities such as ourselves do what they can to help families to stay together, some young people are not able to live at home and require time and guidance from caregivers in another setting.  For 4750 children and young people in Scotland in 2020, this setting was with a foster family.  Our foster carers provide support on a short or long term basis until the young person in their care is ready for independence. You may be someone who could provide the stability and guidance for a young person to succeed.

The Need for Foster Carers – You can make a difference!

Looked after children and young people may often be rehabilitated with parents, though many others have spent extended periods of time in young people’s centres, residential care or even homeless and unable to return to their family.  Young people in need of foster care will likely have experienced some or many adverse childhood experiences. In the right foster family, a young person can thrive and have a better start at adulthood.

Dean and Cauvin Young People’s Trust are passionate about supporting young people and seek to improve the lives and outcomes of those living in and around Edinburgh. Room4U was founded in part due to a high number of young people over 12 who required care and would benefit from support in a family environment.  The need for foster placements continues to outweigh the resources available, with Scotland seeing a steady decline in the total number of households approved to foster since 2015.

Room4U received over 200 placement requests in 2021 which is far more than we are able to accommodate, so we are seeking new families with the skills and drive to give young people a safe home.

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 Watch this video from the Fostering Network on the difference fostering can make to a young persons life.

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