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We will be asking you to do a tough but very worthwhile job which requires regular training and development. Our aim is to enhance your existing knowledge and skills about living or working with teenagers and young parents.

In order to ensure that all placements are lasting, nurturing and enjoyable for young people and carers alike, we believe that our carers should be properly trained and supported,  equipped with the skills and confidence to fully benefit the young people in their care. We will deliver a range of training courses to help our Foster Carers with both initial learning and ongoing professional development. We will also provide you with support and advice 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We will provide:

  • Your own designated Supervising Social Worker to support you throughout your fostering journey.
  • The Skills to Foster course which is delivered to prospective carers prior to assessment and which will help you to decide if fostering is for you.
  • A range of essential courses, such as de-escalation techniques and first aid, which will be delivered alongside your assessment.
  • The opportunity to attend regular support groups and meetings.
  • Paid membership with Fostering Network.  Find out more
  • Post – approval training which will include learning about attachment and parenting fostered teenagers.
  • Specialist support from experienced staff within the Dean and Cauvin family.
  • The opportunity, if you do not have a relevant qualification, to undertake an SVQ3. Having a relevant qualification will enhance your income as a foster carer.

The Learning and Development booklet will provide you with more detailed information about our training courses.

Room4U Fees and Allowances

To recognise the important and professional role that our Foster Carers provide we offer competitive pay equivalent to a residential care worker’s salary. Carers receive both an allowance and a fee for every child they look after.

Please see our Fees and Allowances  page for further information.

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